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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHarliqiun
AgeDo you value your life?
Height8ft 10in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed, with a black ring, somewhat fading as it moves to her dark grey chestfur
Eye ColourRed, real dark dimensional look, emanate a slight glow even!
ClothingCant really call it that.. just an assortment of black leather straps that barely cover her, and a collar with the elegant scrollings of "bitch" on it
Outstanding FeaturesShe's a friggen demon, with little horns and red fur... She also emanates heat, if your lucky enough to get a hug, you'll notice she's absolutely HOT to be against, her breath also tends to be steamy, and by that, it comes out as actual light steam... seriously...

Personality & Background

PersonalityCute, little distzy, she looks like hell (literally!) smooth and curvy, but she is ABSOLUTELY harmless and loves to wubs on people that like to wubs, she is just so cute, a little clueless at times too, ask her about signing your name over to her, yup!
BackgroundFire, yeah, fire...
LikesHuskies! Oh she's got a soft spot for em... cuddling, loving, being cute, getting someone to sign their eternal soul to her in blood, you know!
DislikesArse's, badasses, power players, god modders, out there people ,probably doesn't like your neighbor, he's kinda odd...
LocationOmnipotent!..... if your near where she is!
OccupationSomething with a bunch of other junk after it having to do with the pain of a thousand pains and demonic temptress of some other junk...
Additional Info"oh, and by the way... my name is "Harliqiun" and a bunch of other junk after it having to do with the pain of a thousand pains and demonic temptres of some other junk, but you can call me Harley, or quin, or... harl, or har, or hey you... some people seem to assume my name is "Oh JESUS CHRIST!" when they first see me though o.o"