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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAerora Ferrali
Weight238 pounds
SummaryThe pink dragoness... she just wants company.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAerora has hot pink scales with white scales on her belly.
Hair ColourHer earfrills are white.
Eye ColourEyes of aquamarine gaze into yours.
ClothingShe wears a black leather vest and, in anthro form, a pair of black, saggy pants.
AccessoriesAerora wears a green bead necklace with an emerald anklet on both feet. In taurform, these appear on all four feet. She also wears a blue striped bracelet on her left hand and ruby-studded, fingerless, leather gloves on both hands.
WeaponryHer tail is like a mythril sword when angered, capable of slicing through emeralds. Oh, and don't forget the teeth/claws! ^^
Outstanding FeaturesAerora has 30 spikes on her 4' long tail. These disappear when she uses swordtail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAerora is a chipper, spontaneous dragoness who just wants to have a good time with whatever. Even if it's her food.
BackgroundAerora grew up consistently teased for being smaller than the other dragons. When she turned 16, she decided to learn some transformation arts. She was only capable of learning taurform and swordtail before her instructor tossed her out for no apparent reason. She was slightly disarmed that her taurform only added 3" to her height, and only made her lower body 7' long. Even more, because she only gained 100 pounds with taurform, she was still harassed for her small stature. Disheartened, but not lost, she asked her mother for advice. "Aerora, dear..." her mother said, "Have you tried gymnastics? You know, small beasts just perform agile movements better than large beasts." So Aerora attempted the sport, and grew to love it by age 18. That's when she remembered her swordtail lessons, and went back to her bullies. With a grin, she sliced clean through one of the schoolyard trees while barely flicking her tail. Neeless to say, those beasts never bad-mouthed her again. XD
LikesHonesty and not being alone
DislikesBasically any sexual fetish in existence
LocationAerora lives alone in a forest cabin. Her love for greenery helps her plant amazing flowers in her yard, and attracts many woodland creatures.
OccupationAerora's actually kind of a freelance warrior/gymnast. It's kind of weird, but she's very acrobatic with her fighting, slaying, and even her eating.
Additional InfoHer swordtail move does not make her weigh more. She is straight, looking for a male dragon to spend lonely days with.