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Vital Statistics!

Character NameErgo - Entity
SpeciesN/A - (Ermine in Ergo Morph)
GenderN/A - ('Male' in Erg
Age6.8 million years
Height5'9 (in Ergo Morph)
Weight140 lbs. (In Ergo Morph)
SummaryDeep below Ground Zero, there is a single mass of biological matter several miles across and weighing an inumerable number of tonnes. This black, oily mass is Ergo. Able to split off the main mass, Ergo can take the form of anything organic that he sees or touches, and can draw from the resevoir of bio-mass underground in order to size shift. Ergo's body is really a condensed fluid, and he can melt, shape-shift, reform and bioluminesce at will, within certain parameters. Too much alterating of his body can result in massive mutation, and Ergo must go back to his fluid state to cure himself.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, with black eartips, tailtip and rings around his eyes
Hair ColourWhite with black tips
Eye ColourPink
ClothingA regal-looking robe given to him by Joolira.
WeaponryTeeth, claws, of which he can grow an indefinate number.
Outstanding FeaturesNot in his Ergo Morph. Otherwise, he looks like living oil or tar.

Personality & Background

PersonalityErgo is like a child. A big, shape-shifting, nightmarish child.
BackgroundErgo is several million years old. Only recently did the bio-mass beneath GZ pool together a collective mind, creating the sentience of Ergo. Ergo takes physical form at will from the Entity.
LikesApples, learning, darkness and warmth.
DislikesDaylight, salt, injustice.
LocationSewers, drains and plumbing of GZ
OccupationSewer-sanitation, population control.
Additional InfoSquee!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteSalt hurts me. Like sticks.