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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMatthais
SpeciesAnthro-fox (most of the time)
Weight170 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJust a pretty standard fox fur coloration, with the white tailtip and tummy, black "gloves and socks", and a reddish brown fur everywhere else. Just a standard fox...yup.
Hair ColourShort, light brown headfur parted down the middle.
Eye ColourLight brown
ClothingA t-shirt that usually has some Penn State saying or logo on it, since he does go there (Although pondering BFCC for a second degree ;)) and some modified jeans to let his long flowing tail to exit.
AccessoriesA velcro digital watch, a standard cell phone. Nothing magical or anything like that...sorry.
WeaponryOther than mild fighting skills, he fights with just his wits...or flees. Whichever one works better.
Outstanding FeaturesNothing really to speak of, except for a little mole/birthmark on his right cheek.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's a shy guy until you get to know him better, then he can be quite talkative. Although he's shy and gets flustered easily, he is quite sure of himself and doesn't easily get scared by macro or mega creatures (then again, it doesn't hurt that most of his friends loom over him). Willing to help anybody, he's always looking for new friends.
BackgroundHe actually comes from a different world and for some reason is now trapped in the BF realm of things due to some magical snafu...which is strange since he isn't magical. So he's learned to make the best of things while he's here :)
LikesBigger furs, music, watching sports, the weather (meteorologist in training :)), and staying alive with cool and nice people.
DislikesDeath, vore, people who are mean for no reason.
LocationPenn State...for now :)
OccupationA meteorology student in his last year at Penn State University.