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Dr. Vamp

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDr. Vampirious
SpeciesDog-Wolf Hybrid
AgeAppears to be around 30 years old
Height5' 11''
WeightAbout 190
SummaryA drunken, hobo-like vampire-fur who's seen better days. A tragic picture of a man who was once a great figure. He acts on impulse and has forgotten the difference between right and wrong, though he could be reminded. Can be flamboyent and obnoxious at one moment, happy and care-free the next, and then flailing his fists in anger all within ten minutes. This could be from a possible bipolarity or a side-effect from all the alcohol he drinks - which can sometimes exceed ten times the fatal amount for the average man. Under sunlight: For a minute or so he'll be fine and only a bit uncomfortable. Any longer and it will start feeling like his blood is boiling. Too long and it /will/ boil, bubbling out of his orifices until his organs are scalded and blistered. If he were to somehow live through that, his body temperature would steadily rise until his flesh turned to liquid. Under a bright light (ex. lamp): Hangover-induced headache gets worse, but no real damage done.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly black with the occasional streak of gray
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourYellowish gold
ClothingNo shirt, casual black pants that're wrinkled severely and smell horribly bad from never being washed that are ALWAYS worn backwards. He sticks his tail out of the fly.
WeaponryClaws, fangs and drunken rage!
Outstanding FeaturesElongated canines, a glazed look and slurred speech

Personality & Background

PersonalityBisexual, but this might be because he's always too drunk to tell if what he's partying with is a guy or a girl.
BackgroundAt one point in time, he was a great liberator and voice for vampires. He would convert those who peacefully and sincerely asked him after answering all of their questions patiently. Eventually, he had a small group of followers, which quickly swelled until he was basically a leader of a society of vampires. The mortals began showing more and more opposition until Dr. had to move the society underground. There they had their own hidden town, but it was full of crime and corruption. Dr. couldn't handle it all, though he tried his best. Finally, he snapped and became a dictator. His citizens snapped as well, chasing him out and nearly killing him. He survived the ordeal, yet the memories haunt him constantly. Since then, there hasn't been a moment in which he isn't drunk out of his mind. The slightest state of soberness will bring about the thoughts he seeks to drown out completely.
LikesBooze, and lots of it. He's developed a strong taste for rat's blood after having to drink it for so long, but he'd still much rather have human's blood. He's a kinky sort of guy who likes to tease by submitting and then attacking his partner.
DislikesHangovers, loud noises, bright light, the sun.
LocationSpends nearly all of his time in an inn that's in the middle of the wilderness for weary travelers to rest. He has a deal set with the owner that he can stay for free if he keeps the rats in the basement under control.
OccupationMooching off of anyone who has rodent problems.