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November 18, 2018, 10:34:25 AM
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Im not a great artist, so i basically took something that *looks* like me

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLeo
SpeciesCatboy... just ears and tail, nothing more.
Weight145 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourn/a
Hair Colourdarker brown
Eye Colourblue
ClothingI usually am seen wearing hoodies, or awesome Hawaiian shirts
Accessoriesi wear headphones around my neck, as i create music on a regular basis. *update* my headphones broke *update* i got a suit which i wear around occasionally *update* i now wear an awesome fedora style hat
Weaponryi own a huge ass airsoft sniper rifle... i love the damn thing. *update* sniper rifle died *update* got a switch
Outstanding Featuresumm... the only thing i can think of is that my eyes are all torn up and gray in the middle. i think it was because i stared at the sun for 5 minutes when i was little. i saw a black spot that i later learned was my retina x.x

Personality & Background

Personalityi have two different personalities. One is my inner personality, one is my outer personality. Outer: sunny, comedic, cynical Inner: depressed, serious, thoughtful i can be the uber empathetic person, so if you are depressed, leave it to me to either make it much worse, or much better <_<.
Backgroundbackground... umm... yeah... thats kinda broad. well, i come from a fairly well off family. i have an annoying sister... i think a grand total of two people in the entire world know i'm a furry. I am the outcast, i can't ever be considered 'one with the crowd'. It usually ends up making me either well liked, or hated... but i'm always well known.
LikesMusic, people who think beyond the norm, and mathematically perfect things. (hence why i like music) *update*
Dislikesthat annoying high pitched sound the tv makes DX, people who are to misled to think that the world they live in is all there is, and things that don't make sense.
Occupationnone... yet. *update* highschool... yes.. its an occupation.
Additional InfoI do parkour, as in i like jumping off of buildings. I can also do wall runs, and i am working on wall flips. (Meh... i feel like i'm bragging, which i hate.)

Just for Fun

Homepagemy site died :(
Favourite Quotewell, i don't have one, but i made one up: When I'm dead, I wont be around to care about it.

Stay in Contact

AIMLeo Pennworks