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Shadowstalker as done by Jako

Vital Statistics!

Character NameShadowstalker Wallaby
SpeciesWallaby hybrid
HeightFour feet
Weight70 pounds
SummaryShadowstalker is a four foot tall wallaby with gray fur and a white underside. He has cheetah-like tear trails on his cheeks, broad black stripes, and black paws, feet, tailtip and eartips. He's primarily a futuristic techno guru, but he's had to deal with magic in ways he never anticipated. Generally clothed in a hooded sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants. Its hard to find clothes to fit wallabies!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGray with white underside and black markings
Hair ColourNone, just fluffed up fur
Eye ColourUsually green though they can change
ClothingTypically wears loose fitting sweatclothes when relaxed. Can sometimes be seen in a t-shirt and loose cargo shorts or, rarely, a black flight suit.
AccessoriesA cloaking band allowing him to phase out and hide himself. not often carried.
WeaponryNot often armed, though has various weapons of the sci-fi and technomagical nature available to him. Smallest being pistols, largest mecha. Rarely seeks to fight though.
Outstanding FeaturesCheetah 'tear trails' on the face, broad stripes on neck, arms, legs, body, and tail. Black tips of tail and ears as well as black paws and toes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenrally pleasant and friendly. Sometimes wary. Very protective of those he cares for.
BackgroundShadowstalker is a artificially constructed life form of a different time and dimension relative to Earth. part of many engineered creatures for war, the failed project was scrapped. He along with a few others are survivors of their kind. His planet is now a dead world, undone by its own inhabitants. Fate would have it that his soul-less body was fused with the negative energy of the void to force him into being a void elemental. It comes with many responsibilities he is often loathe to face.
LikesHugs, rubs, good conversation, getting to know folks over time
Dislikesbraggarts, twinks, excessively cruelty
OccupationVariable. Ranged from mechanic, scout, spy, hacker to agent for death itself. He prefers being on vacation.

Just for Fun