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Art by Max Blackrabbit

Vital Statistics!

Character NameChanyder
Height150 ft/6.5 ft
WeightWho has a scale this big?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey with white under her chin and leading down her stomach
Hair ColourGrayish white
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingStandard macro attire, with some things she has found at her size mixed in.
Outstanding FeaturesWell muscled

Personality & Background

PersonalityLaid back for the most part.
BackgroundShe was a normal bodybuilder, competing and posing for magazines, until she stumbled upon something that changed her. This something was a strange magical goo that she ordered, thinking it would help her build more muscle. It did alright, Chanyder awoke the next day to discover that she had grown slightly. Standing in front of the mirror she concentrated on growing, and did so. Chanyder found that she could control this power and grow or shrink, but never below her base height.
LikesLounging around, snuggling with other macro's and micros, and weight lifting.
DislikesAttention getters and macros that are mean to those smaller then them.
OccupationConstruction worker.