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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEdward and Kenneth Berring
SpeciesRed Foxes
GenderMales (Gay)
SummaryThose twins red foxes walks the street, grinning... Their clothes are nearly identical ecept for a ruby ring on their ears. One of them have it on the right and the other one, on the left... As they walk next to you, you can see that those two are really crazy... and when they are gone, you can feel someting in your back... like a knife...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe two of them have the same fur color: The usual red fur with white belly. Though their paws are white and they have black tail tip.
Hair ColourThe two of them have the exact same messy black hairs.
Eye ColourTheir eyes are a very deep green... Yet, when you succeed to meet their glare, you'll see craziness, insanity and madness.
ClothingLight clothes that doesn't impair movements.
AccessoriesEdward wears a ruby earring on the left ear and Kenneth wears the exact same earring on the right ear.
WeaponryAnything that falls in their hands. They loves knives though each one of them fights with different weapons. Edward: Pistol, Shotgun and Sniper Kenneth: Revolver, Assault Rifle and Heavy Weaponry (Such as a rocket launcher.) And yet, with all of this, they are really good bare handed...

Personality & Background

PersonalityBoth of them have the exact same personality: They are psychopath, remorseless killers. Though, when they fall on a charming guy, they can't help themselves... But few guys can stand their behavior so, when their mate uncover who they really are... You guess the rest. One can't go without the other. They always do everything togheter, even killing. When one of them is with his mate, in bed, the other is in the room next door. Getting them appart is impossible without a very heavy resistance. Infact, no one actually succeeded to take one away from the other.
BackgroundThey were once great contract killers. Cold blooded ones who got to the highest rank they could reach in the "Agency"... But this came to an end when they thought that they got enough of money. For their job, they could not feel any joy from killing... but their last cases were quite different... So, one night, they went to the HQ and killed many people there... When guards started showing up, they went away without looking back.
Likes-Killing -Making suffering -Brainwashing -Playing with people -Meeting up with guys -Targets who resist
Dislikes-Being uncovered -Jerky guys (Though they like it since they kill him after) -Cops
LocationWe don't know...
OccupationKilling and fleeing.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"-What do you think of him brother?