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Taylor being a suggestive tease and whatnot.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTaylor W. Ramsden
SpeciesSmallscale Violet
HeightShifts by his whim between 50 and 500 feet. Disadvantage is that a random shift can occur accidentaly. He can change this in a heartbeat, but after whatever damage is done has been done...
WeightShifts with height. He's thin.
SummaryTaylor Wolf (middle name pronounced as in German) Ramsden is a fun-loving homosexual dragon who never seemed to fully grow up. He's not stupid, he has knowledge. One thing is clear, he "Grew Up" to be nice and tall AND he grew up to develop sexually. He's naive, sort of. He'll do the classic hurting when he think he's helping situation, as well as thinking he understands things when he doesn't. He's sexually devious. He happens to enjoy self-pleasure and will demonstrate it in the most unconventional ways at the most inappropriate times. He is an adopted brother to the Ramsden family, which otherwise consists of goats. He's easily the "BIG" brother, but is actually younger. His childish behavior causes his lack of sexual control. He's easily turned on, much to the dismay of those around him. His interests can vary extremely based on his mood, but often happen to be childish and abnormal for someone his age. A lot of the things that interest him have to do with his size.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAbsolutely EVERYTHING is pink. Tail, body scales, hair...you name it.
Hair ColourPink hair over a different shade of pink head.
Eye ColourAre quite pretty.
ClothingTaylor's not one to wear clothes. He's commonly found in his birthday suit.
AccessoriesTail, wings, horns, hair, nails. What? These aren't accesories? To a homosexual dragon interested in his image they are.
Outstanding FeaturesHe sports lovely horns and wings. He's entirely pink, which may be considered a feature that distinguishes him from others...also the fact that he doesn't tend to wear anything.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's sort of a kid at heart. He's very naive to the world around him. He sees things as his own personal playground often, which scares others. He has a generally positive outlook on things, and is usually only upset temporarily for trivial reasons. His sexual deviancy and unpredictability is one of the only things that distinguishes him from being a little child.
BackgroundOf the Ramsden family (by adoption from a young age). They're goats. Ziege, who's name is actually German for goat, is his brother. Taylor has always easily been the "BIG" brother, but Ziege was older. Ziege got good grades in school...mom told him that he'd let Taylor play with him if he didn't.
LikesSex, Masturbation, cities and playing with them in many odd ways, older brother- Ziege, excitement, laughter, candy, children, the use of smaller furs for situations relating to the first two things on this list, many child-like things that most 19 year-olds have moved beyond having an interest in, attractive males, his own appearance.
DislikesWiesel (boyfriend to Ziege...he feels that Wiesel is there to take Ziege away from him), country settings, females.
LocationNo specific location. Taylor tends to thrive in a city setting, at the same time putting the metropolis at risk. He can be found anywhere, but will likely be found in large cities.
OccupationLocal State of Emergency

Just for Fun