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Vital Statistics!

Character NameApophis/Serpent Glitch
SpeciesLiquid rubber Anaconda
GenderNeither, but he perf
HeightWell, he is 50 feet in length.. and has four and a half thick in diameter coils.
WeightTry and weigh a serpent, it's kinda difficult.
SummaryLeading down to a general length of 50 feet, a large Anaconda anthro stares you down with a small tongueflicker.. His scales are the dull olive green, and nearly black that you would expect to see from a serpent like himself. However, what's so different about him is the fact that.. He just so happens to have a torso! Along with a set of arms, shoulders and a neck.. Where his hips are supposed to be, instead are replaced with a long line of coils all piled together. Another difference is that his tongue is a dark purple in colour.. Despite these small.. differences about him, he is generally a kind person to get to know. Just, make sure you don't get physically under his scales!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOlive green and dull-black scales on the outside.. His insides are a dark, purple colour.
Hair ColourNone!
Eye ColourEmerald green.
ClothingNone! It would wear off with all of the slithering he tends to do.
AccessoriesSnake-bite piercings on his lips, as well as a glass ring.. Black and white stripes along it on his tongue.
WeaponryHis fangs, and body.
Outstanding FeaturesLet's see, he is a giant snake. With black goo saliva, a dark purple tongue and emerald green eyes.. At about 50 feet in length. I'd say that would be Distinguishing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWell, it's me. Kinda hard to explain myself! Get to know me to find out! xD
LikesFood!, talking to people, hugs, listening, proving that all snakes are not all that mean, and multiple other things!
DislikesPeople who act like the general troll-fur, people who are rude, Salt and Vinegar and ketchup chips, papercuts, people who think that just because he is a serpent, that he feels like voring something every moment of every day.