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Vox Anteron

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVox Anteron
Weight285 Lbs
SummaryVox is a black gryphon mage. He runs a mage guild and school in the town of Magiston. He's friendly and usually ready to meet new people. Feel free to give him a shout especially if you want to learn anything magical. The gryphon has a dragon father, and while he's worked out his appearance to pure gryphon, his age and skill reflect his heritage.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVox's fur is jet black. Most people think he dyes it that way. Some think it's because of all the magic he's done.
Eye ColourVox's right eye is red, and his left is blue. This is important as his 'brother' has the opposite.
ClothingVox usually only wears his jeans and his collar when outside the tower. If he's inside though he'll have large red robes, golden trimmed to mark his position. On the back of the robes is the symbol of the guild.
WeaponryVox enjoys combat, it was his headmastership of the guild that started the physical discipline at Magiston's mage guild. He loves to participate and watch physical combat, though he's not the best at it and tends to resort to magic. He is however getting very skilled with the thrown dagger. The practice of 200 years due to the threats on his life.
Outstanding FeaturesVox's eyes, he wears a black leather collar with a large metal ring in the front. He has a scar running from above his right eye to below his left. he wears two golden bracer's. His right has the emblem of his family, an orb with two wings in front. The left has the symbol of his guild, a spiraling tower. He also has a golden ring on the end of his tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVox is always happy and can be quite the tease. He's optimistic and cheerful. Only Torek (his brother) can put his mood down easily.
Background((In the works. VERY long))
LikesVox is a romantic, and any romantic actions will get him purring. He's a researcher and loves new things. Technology fascinates him. Foxes are of particular interest to him for unknown reasons to others. http://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Vox%20Anteron
DislikesVox isn't one to simply dislike people. He is far too accepting...which can be a problem.
LocationMagiston Mage guild when not traveling about the relms.
OccupationVox is the Headmaster of Magiston Mage Guild as well as High Lord and Magus of Magiston. Vox's full title is High Lord Vox Anteron, Magus of Magistion and Headmaster of Magiston Mage guild. As such he much prefers to just be called Vox or Headmaster. Depending on who you are, Lord may be good too.
Additional Infohttp://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Vox%20Anteron Picture by RFTigermode

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