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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChase
SpeciesAurian Husky
GenderMale (possable to sw
Age22 (DOB- 03/25/85)
SummaryWell, Chase is my first and long-time-to-make fursonia. He's based on a lot of me with things close to me as well. True, he is pink, but he's strait. ....besides, it's not his natural fur color. And yeah, I've drawn a female version of him, but the connection between Chase and Fetch will be explained some other time.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis main colours are pink and rose brown, pink being the main base and rose brown the markings. His right arm and left leg lack the suiting of the brown, leaving them pink like is underbelly. Here's an easier color chart (use on colorpicker.com or photoshope): Furbase: FF79BC Suiting: A80000 Inner ear: FF9ECF Eyes: 02F52B Tounge: AF79FF Pads/nose: B65914 fleshy areas (tounge, penis, etc): AF79FF Key/key band: A4A6A5 Lense outline: 002BCA Glasses: 48% op.
Hair Colour*points to fur/scale* His head fur is soft and plush like fur, but can grow long like human hair.
Eye ColourGreen *points at the color chart. ...again*
ClothingUsuall doesn't wear anything. But clothing, if worn, is usually nice and baggy (like, baggy shorts and an opened button-up shirt). I haven't really designed clothes for Chase as he looks cool without them ususaly, and the pink colors he sports clashes with clothing color options.
AccessoriesA key on a neckless and floaty lenses for sight (usually in the shape of triangles, but sometimes circles).
WeaponryChase uses many spells, skills, and other tricks under water and ice alignments, as he's gifted with water/ice manip.
Outstanding FeaturesHis arms and legs alternate from pink and rose brown, he has one long bang hanging off to the left side of his head, he's fat, and wears a key around his neck. Having water/ice abilities, he also makes floaty ice lenses and suspend them atop his muzzle so he can see better (he has bad eye sight).

Personality & Background

PersonalityLaid back, quiet (usually), isolative.
BackgroundI don't want to get into it. Mostly as the story I'm implying fictionally for my fur is, like most of my backgrounds for characters, will be complicated. ....too complicated. Moreso since I can't use good english.
LikesFood, soda (especially A&W Sparkling Vanilla Cream Soda), naps, sleep, night walks, snow, swimming, video games, and over all laid back relaxiness.
DislikesToo much, hard, or pointless work, humans, stuff.
LocationAurius, here in Bullhead city, Az (my location), or anywhere else if needed.
OccupationLooking for a job =/. Was once a security guard, but now is looking due to new home.
Additional InfoChase is an interesting fur. Being the furry community aspect element, he is able to sort of bend to different things in situations. Meaning, there can be a playfull side to him too, not just a serious story thing. He's fat, but can be effected (and doesn't mind) and get fatter or thiner. He can also be inflated (by air, water, whatever. Soda is my favorite X3). I'll post my other self on here, but Chase will be better first as Chase is a true furry. Also, I can RP with different themes too. ....not too good (but that's due to the crappy english of mine X/). And another thing, I'm strait and a guy, but people see the pink character and think I'm gay or a girl, so, instead of correcting them, I'll just go with that (as it's just easier that way).

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If this were an after-school special, ooh, you'd pay a bittersweet price for your little deceit, like getting big oily zits! Or eating off the same plate as David Lee Roth! ... EW ITS A PLATE! AND HE'S--BEEN--ON IT! OW, YUCK! EW!"

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