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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMadison Fusky
SpeciesFusky (Hybrid of Fox/Husky)
Height190 ft
Summary[I'm,pretty new at this..so here it goes!!] Hiya, Guys and Gals and animals...of the world! I'm Madison Fusky! I'm, from PHX,AZ! I Guess, I'm pretty unique..No one, has ever seen a furrie like me witch is kewl in a way but I would like to find, others out there like me I HOPE I DO!. My mother, was a vixen and my father is a husky. I have a foxy body with short foxy fur long sexy vixen tail with vixen ears. My husky side of me is, that I have husky eyes, muzzle and paws *wiggles her fingers at you cutely* I'm, a very nice person..who's looking for friends and snuggles! [i hope this does me good!]

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue fur coat with white underbelly husky markings short, fox fur black ears, black pads with fox muzzle markings.
Hair ColourLong white dredlocks
Eye ColourGreyish/Silver
ClothingI will, start from bottom to top...She wears, a pair of steel toed black leather boots with blue laces. aswell as a pair of, long wide legged cargo jeans hanging off her wide hips, the jeans have blue stitching with removable chains on them, the zippers are on the front pockets..as you look up over her flat toned tummy you notice her diamond belly button pericing you notice her short black shirt barely containing her large heavy chest as you notice her Iron Maiden t-shirt with Iron Maiden written across her large chest and Eddie on the back of her shirt . She, aswell wears white fingerless armwarmers and blue stitching
AccessoriesRimless seeing eye glasses perched on her muzzle
WeaponryLarge Husky paws, with sexual curves =p
Outstanding FeaturesLarge Purple star with black, outlines around the starts with 2 small black stars between the southwest and southeast points of the larger star. Plus, a ebony colored scar over her right eye caused, by a fight she was in.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOpen minded..and loves!
BackgroundFusky!, from AZ!! 480 :P
Likeslikes, the cold and heat..Also enjoying the company of good friends and snuggling with my boyfriend!. I do, like video games and driving. Since I drive all the time IRL :P Um, I do like rocking out to some good heavy metal and classic metal such as Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Hurt etc etc!
DislikesI don't like, people who hate..

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI am McLovin. --Superbad

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