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Art by Lindsay Prower, thanks ^_^

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMillie E. Traysandor
SpeciesVixen~ <3
Age18 (Can be 6, 10, 13, 16, or 21+ with magic)
Height5 feet, 11 inches (18 years old)
SummaryA very cute, single female vixen who loves to have a good time and unwind from her more serious adventures in her home world. Millie is NOT currently looking for a committed type of relationship, being that she is not from this dimension, she has no way of staying in this existance for more than a few hours at a time. She's fine with having some friendly and romantic fun with the boys, just don't expect it to become a regular thing. Regardless of the physical age that she appears, she is an ADULT in her home world and is fully capable of consenting to whatever she desires.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight blue with a white belly and white paws.
Hair ColourLight blue on the top, white near the muzzle.
Eye ColourBlue.
ClothingShe generally wears flirty/sexy apparel, usually wearing not much more than a shirt/short skirt, short dress, or bikini. She's perfectly fine with being naked in public places, being from a world where nudity is socially acceptable.
AccessoriesA magical necklace recovered from Swandelle during the invasion. Rumor has it that the necklace is part of a mythical set of weaponry, that when combined has the power to destroy evil. (Optional)
WeaponryShe prefers not to use weapons in this world. She is however trained in the latest technological, melee, and magical weapons, and is more than capable of using them should the need arise. She is naturally imbudes with powerful kitsune magic that she will use to defend herself if the need should arise.
Special AbilitiesMagical fox aligned with the fire (and occasionally ice) element; can change her age at will. Capable of producing and using any known weapon, real or fictional to defend herself and others. She's a lot stronger and more powerful than she plays herself out to be.
Outstanding FeaturesHer entire body ^_~

Personality & Background

PersonalityFlirty in general, always willing to have a good time with anyone who wants to do something. Generally a good girl to hang around and be friends with. She's just here to relax and de-stress from her adventures back home. She's not afraid to show off to skirt-pepers.
BackgroundShe's from another dimension, doubling as Miles' alternate form, and occasionally makes appearances in this universe. In this alternate universe, she is fighting for the freedom of her country after a dictator seized power. In this dimension, she's technically Miles' sister (that's how he views it). Miles and Millie cannot exist in the same dimension for an extended period of time, for it can cause catastrophic events to happen. Miles usually swaps dimensions with Millie while she is in this realm.
LikesBeing a general guy magnet, flirting with anyone she thinks is cute. Doesn't mind the cute snuggling/scritching stuff. Oftentimes in a naughty mood, the kind of girl who works hard (in her own dimension) and plays harder with those she likes, so to speak.
DislikesAlcohol, drugs, violence, and icky things like vomit and pee.
LocationHometown: City of Swandelle, in the Elite Nation of Grand Traysandor, Planet Earth (it's in an alternate dimension and doesn't exist here)
OccupationJack of all Trades / Freedom Fightr (Grand Traysandor) Wanderer (In this dimension)