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Vital Statistics!

Character Nameshinchi wananba

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourlight brown with firetint in area, black outline and tips
Hair Colourlight blue
Eye Colourhazel
Clothingt shirt with a funny saying or his favorite show/thing with Khaki Pants/shorts beanie in the winter sandals or easy slide on shoes
Accessoriesglasses/contacts headphone around his neck/ on his ears
WeaponryShinai sword
Outstanding Featuresaverage body with a little muscle depend. has a short haircut with a rattail in back

Personality & Background

Personalityopen but like to do his own thing nice to anyone and try to help when he can a little eccentric at time and misunderstood always
Backgroundborn in iceland on an air base but lived most of my live in california in the high desert. he is oldest from his brother and a adopted sister. father remarried and work for a cell hardware company and mother is single and is a teacher for middle school students. he try to get a his B.S. in computer sci.
Likestechno, anime, DJing, women, water sports, bowling, swimming, and read webcomics
Dislikeshating without thought or reason, lack of freedom, mornings, country, and jocks
Occupationcollege student/dj

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"with no power comes no responsible!"

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