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Sexyness by Wolfie ^_^

Vital Statistics!

Character Nameamy`
Specieswhatever rf` is
Weightwhatever rf weighs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhatever rf is. usually tabbiewolf now.
Hair Colourlong brown thick hair that reaches to her bum. it's scraggly but not extremly messy or frizzy. long bangs with one being bigger than the other, and pushed to the side.
Eye Colourvivid blue with black irises and white pupils, had dark blue ring around the eyes as well from semura poisoning (long story)
Clothingbaggy blue denims, and a grey shirt. the shirt has short wide sleeves, and has slits along the body as well.
WeaponryThe Warden (tanja sword). It's a short sword with a serrated blade and blade breaker on the hilt. [click for reference]
Outstanding Featuresother than the eyes, nothing physical

Personality & Background

Personalityshe's lightned her mood as of recently. she's still got her dry and cynical wit about her, but is generally a little nicer than before.
LikesSnugs and hugs and sharp pointy objects.
LocationStar's House
Occupationshe is rf's femminine side.
Additional Infoif you're lucky enough to catch her in a good mood, she'll probably snug you, hug you, and generally smother you in giggles. if youre unlucky (often) and catch her in a bad mood, you'll most definitely not be in a remotely winnable situation, much less a survivable one.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote[smcn] one of these days