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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSarketch / Sark / Sarky
SpeciesLutra- Otter
SummaryWell there's not much to say about me. I'm abit closed to people, including my friends. Only I really know what I think / feel about things. If you're a good mate of mine in the party scene, you have no idea who I am. But then again, that still doesn't mean we won't have a wicked sick time! Horay for Raves! I'm a dreamer, there's no denying it. I've got a killer imagination, which makes me wonder If I should be an author... But again, I'm not too good with words~ Never have been. I'm shy, but I talk alot when the topic interests me... Which is very broad!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown, White
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingBaggy Cargo Pants, Singlet = Love
AccessoriesA watch and Chain
WeaponryTight Hugs

Personality & Background

PersonalityI THINK I'm interesting :... I'm abit quiet at times given the topic, but I like to be wild when I can.
BackgroundI didn't have the most enjoyable childhood. I was a bit of an outcast in primary school, but I got over it. That was who I truely am. I'm pretty semi-popular now at school and enjoy wild nights out such as Raves and Gatherings. While being popular does not interest me, I find friends invaluable. I could not survive without them. I've breezed through school up to the start of year 12, when I realized I really had to put in alot of effort to get what I wanted out of it. And thus, here I am. A simple student trying to get a decent mark. I used to be heavy into gaming, but I am no longer. I seem to have grown out of them. It's amusing watching my friends and their addictions! I used to smoke but I quit, cause I nearly got caught at school. I don't enjoy alcohol as much as most people do, but I do drink occassionly. I used to be independant, and often ponderred the meaningless babble of pointless and useless relationships, however I succumbed and adopted a "Don't dis it till you've tried it" attitude.
LikesMeat!, Raves, Interesting People, Imagination
DislikesStuck Ups, Veggies (eugh!), LADS (gang), REALLY Stereotypical Gays
LocationNSW, Sydney, Australia
OccupationStudent:- English(Adv), Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Japanese
Additional InfoUnstereotypically Gay.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Don't worry about the things you cannot control. Concern yourself with the things you can."

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