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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSahnket Tri'an
Weight120 lbs
SummarySahnket is a Ryknix, which means she looks like a bat, but is far from being one. She's an alien species with some unique traits like storing metal in her fur as a deterrent to predation, biolumiscent spots on her back, and seeing in infrared and with sonar. She's a simple creature, a lover of history and languages. She likes company, she's still trying to make new friends after her move offworld.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright green with an almost metallic sheen at times. Black underside and markings. Face area is sooty black, arms have one black band on upper arm, three on forarm, legs in same pattern. Wings have black bands on joints. Ears are black backed with white spot in center.
Hair ColourStraight black hair down to shoulder blades.
Eye ColourFeatureless silver color
ClothingTypically a halter top and a pair of shorts, a belt run through a small hole in her wings to hold them up. Often lots of pockets for carrying things.
AccessoriesRed tinted goggles to protect her eyes. She sees in infrared, not visible light.
Outstanding FeaturesBlue tongue, blushes blue as blood is copper based not iron. Has a series of glowing spots on her back similar to a firefly 's color that are very bright. Wings are made from three fingers, the other two are for grasping. She has no separate arms from her wings.

Personality & Background

Personalitygenerally warm and approachable, sometimes a little shy.
BackgroundSahnket comes from off world, her homeworld one that is very dark and smokey from volcanic activity. IR and sound are more reliable that visible light there. She may look like a bat on the outside, but internally she has more in common with crustaceans. Her skeleton and fur is all made from various types of chitin, not bone or keratin.
LikesLanguages, history, oranges, cuddles, family.
DislikesCruely, road flares, cold showers.
Additional InfoRyknix general character sheet reference: http://us-p.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Shadowstalker/SS-Ryknix.jpg Characters and species are an original design, please don't use without permission.