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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSage Eichen
Species(Eurasian) Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)
Height6' 0.2" (183 cm)
Weight92 lbs (41.7 kg)
SummarySage Eichen [(ai-khen) German word for "oak."] is a timid, squirrel (before you ask, yes, he can and will climb trees *sigh*) who would rather spend time alone than to hold conversations with people. It's hard to have fun with him around, as his almost permanent from and depressed aura about him is almost contageous. Strangely, he wears very plain clothes, and doesn't listen to music that often (in fact, he doesn't eat all that much either).

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrownish red, white muzzle and underside
Hair ColourMore rugged than the rest of his fur
Eye ColourPale blue
ClothingHis wardrobe consists primarily of various plaid shirts, and if it's not plaid it's blank with no notable markings. His pants are all made of denim, but none of them are blue. They consist mostly of green pants, but occasionally there are black or khaki ones. All of them are cargo jeans, with big pockets, and just a little baggy. He has a pair of sneakers he rarely wears, which are completely black. He has one pair of formal clothes, a navy blue color. His winter clothes consist of a dark green coat that looks extremely warm (with a hood too), a winter cap of light grey, and a pair of black gloves (and regular black boots).
WeaponryHe has no reason to fight anybody. However, he is proficient with a bow and arrow, and knows how to operate many different firearms. If he has to he'll use his teeth, claws, and fists.
Outstanding FeaturesClaws on feet and hands (paws), in wintertime his fur really grows and gives his ears a much more "pointier" look.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is very timid, even around friends and family. He gets embarassed easily, and would rather spend his time alone in his room, or going for a walk in the park or woods. Sage rarely has a smile on his face, and he is rarely in a good mood. Although, he isn't always in a bad mood either. He is indifferent to females, as he has "given up" on having a relationship, and treats them as he would anyone else. He is also harsh towards himself and has an extremely low self esteem. He is rather unhappy with himself, because he believes he isn't good at anything (and thus can't get a job) and isn't smart enough.
BackgroundThere are no extremely signifigant points about Sage's past. He was born in the state of Massachusetss in a suburb. He had trouble in school growing up, because he has trouble interacting with people. He ended up getting about average grades throughout the school years. Just as h was ready for high school, his psychiatrist diagnosed him with aspergers and sent him to a special program for peope with autism. For this reason he says he has "no education beyond 8th grade," because they teach to students with social and learning disabilities. He has gained a couple friends from being in the program, but nothing else.
LikesMilk! Pizza, computer games, warmth, snack foods, tennis, nuts & seeds, being alone, science, neatness, learning new things, and learning from mistakes. He listens to many kinds of music, usually made before 1990.
DislikesCold temperatures! Politics! Arguments! Stupidity! Giving speeches, or any other stressful social activity! Getting his fur wet, and swimming. He also dislikes females who wear next to nothing as everyday clothes. His most disliked form of music is rap.
LocationSage currently resides in a suburb in Massachusetts.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Bad things happen because people are stupid."

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