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Vital Statistics!

Character NameOdarious
Height2.5 feet
Summary Odarious is Minotaur like the ones in ancient lore. He has a light short coat of brown fur all over his body, with dark-brown 'gloves and socks'. He has a built physique part natural, and partly due to hit many 'workouts' with other macros. With every movement his muscles bulge and flex gracefully, all moving together in a liquid-like movement. Your eyes start at his face, and you notice that he has a rectangular shaped head, quite similar to his primitive cousins. His snout is in the same fashion as well, with the only exception being that the mouth if filled with omnivorous teeth that sparkle every time he opens his maw. You notice that the usual horns on the Mino aren't there, and all you see are two smaller horns instead. Even thought he can control the size and shape of these too, he likes to keep them short and dull so he doesn't stab any foot on accident. You then lock eyes with him. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of dark furband glasses, and when he removes them you can see his dark ocean blue eyes. He stares at you holding his gaze with his eyes, and it looks like he would be ready to kill at any given moment. Then the glare melts into a silly smile, and his eyes brighten to a lighter blue color. Atop his head lies a patch of fur that he usually keeps ruffled from the last person who messed with it. Your eyes glance at his bare upper body, and you see a developed body. It is in the perfect 'V' shape, and is rock hard. His entire body is actually quite ticklish, and he giggles at the slightest poke. As your eyes travel further downwards, you see his legs are covered by a pair of super baggy jeans. He dislikes wearing shoes, allowing you to see his plantigrade feet. He can still use his hoofed feet, through a series of mantras, but he dislikes them because in his mind they are mainly used for destruction. His hooves are purely Jet black and shiny in appearance. He only tends to use them when asked and when macro. With every movement his feet make, there is a ripple of muscle that goes from his ankles and up to his thighs. He smiles cutely and flexes a little, strutting and showing off. You see that with every movement he takes, his muscles bulge gracefully. As he waves to you, you see all of his muscles ripple with strength, and he smiles softly, scampering over to the nearest foot paw nosing it happily.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brown fur with dark brown 'gloves' and 'socks'
Hair ColourBrown, and always messy.
Eye ColourDeep light-blue
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a pair of horns, that are bleach white along with his teeth.

Personality & Background

LikesPaws, Macros, Paws, Vore
DislikesBlood, Gore

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