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drawn by myself

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBucky
SpeciesWhitetailed deer
Height5ft 10in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour light brown fur, white front from his muzzle down to his umm...nethers and up his tail and 3 fawn spots on each rump cheek and black ear tips
Hair Colourbrown kinda parted down the middle maybe a little unkempt
Eye Colourbrown
Clothinga jeans jacket with a silver police badge pinned to it
Accessoriessquare shaped metal frame glasses and a red or black leather collar and very often a large purple dragon plushy with yellow wings and orange spikes named Peppy
Weaponryhe is a deer so I guess his antlers count I suppose hooves count too, his antlers are magic and made of gold
Outstanding Featureseight point antlers that gently crown around his head the smallest ones near his head going to the 2nd set of points being the longest probally about 6ichs then the third set about have that as the curve upward at the end making the 4th set of points, His hands are regular five fingered with hoof tips, his feet are digigrade he has a two toed split hooves at the end he also appers to be alot younger looking than he is

Personality & Background

Personalitya nice good sweet deer who's a little unsure of himself
BackgroundBucky is the results of a shaman albino doe and the golden antlers stag of Fantasia. So he sorta has magic powers. which consist of a forming of any gold item, a size changing ability and a healing rub Bucky has a heart of gold so if you steal it your actually stealing his life force
LikesPlushies, Cartoons, Drawing, Yiff rps, cuddles, snugs, pets, being treated like a little kid (sometimes)
Dislikes hurting others, being crushed under paw, feeling threatened, being killed (even in fun), and vore of any kind (including suggestive, such as venison).
LocationMichigan's Upper Peninsula
Occupationcomic creator of a sort and furry artist
Additional InfoBucky has a secret he likes macros and other furs but he's scared. he's embarrassed to tell you that he's horny and stuff like that make him yiffy he would like to be their friend but he also gets turned on by them so he gets very nervous and shy's away from everyone, plus he's a deer It's hard for him cause of being a prey critter

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFurry is about being yourself

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