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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFaust Edmon
SpeciesTiger (Demon)
GenderMale (Bi)
AgeAlways changing but is usually 25
SummaryThis highly stylished man you saw earlier offered you a contract to make you go out of the financial abyss. Though, when you came in your office, the same man was seated at your desk and a contract written on an old looking parchment was on your desk. To top it off, it was written in latin! Who's this guy goddamn?!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThis tiger has a particular fur color: The colors are reversed. He is black furred with white stripes.
Hair ColourHe got black hairs, most of the time, held back with gel.
Eye ColourMost of the time, they are black. But on choice or in some situations, they are blood red.
ClothingMainly suits but not always a coat and a tie.
AccessoriesA pocket watch and discrete, rectangular, red glassed glasses.
WeaponryA katana that he gets in a very special way: He holds his left forearm parralel to his body and his hand placed so his palm is pointing to his right arm, his fingers placed so they block the sight from the front. With his right hand, he grims the air like if it was a handle and takes the katana out of his arm as if it was a scabbard.
Special AbilitiesHis glasses give him the ability to see inside the soul of man. He can read their mind and, most of all, know what they desire, what they like, what they fear... and their weak spot. Being an agent of the Devil, he can make people sign contracts with Him. Though, half of the souls that he "harvests" go to him. He can also alter hia apparence to fit his mood or the desires of the ones he try to take off the track of righteousness. Being a very high ranked, he also owns a lot and have a lot of furs and demons that obey him. He can also use powers like psychokinesia and pyrokinesia.
Outstanding FeaturesHe is able to speak, understand, read and write Latin perfectly.

Personality & Background

BackgroundThe Devil sent him on earth to test mankind.
Additional InfoSince his main function is to corrupt, he got the ability to make contracts like The Devil does. They are the same as His but the souls don't go to Adrian but to Him. Add up some other powers like psychokinesia, pyrokinesia and others.