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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTweak
SpeciesEmerald tree boa/Cobra cross
GenderMostly male
SummaryStanding, or rather, laying before you is a large serpent... Emerald green eyes glowing dimly in the light, while a fleshy purple forked tongue flickers out.. Stopping, noticing that there is a scent about. This large snake isn't just any regular snake! It looks like a cobra, yet the scales along his body are a dark green.. At his back, he looks like any old regular snake.. Well, other then being much larger then average. But bytime you reach up to his front, his coils end off and meet up with a scalie torso.. This torso isn't all that interesting, he looks almost like an anthro snake. Some people call them 'Nagas' while others call them 'Serpents' and whichever, whatever. He isn't too sure what to call himself, exactly. So he tends to stick with serpent. His scales are all bright emerald green at the top, breaking off into the odd 'spike' pattern with white scales everyso often. The markings leading all across his body, and up and around his face. His yellow and emerald green eyes never blinking, almost focused on something. His coils, having the strength of a constrictor, and his fangs having the venom of a cobra.. He is no pushover. His powerful coils reach around 25 feet in length! In the middle, they tend to be around a good two feet thick with powerful muscles. Although, most the time.. He's too shy! Always worried about how people will act around him, how he may bother them.. How he should try and make sure he doesn't insult anyone. He's just generally.. worried.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGreen scales!
Hair ColourNone
Eye ColourGreen.
ClothingOld black hoodie sweater.
AccessoriesDS, PSP, MP3 player, couple drawing pencils.. Laptop, invention of the week!
WeaponryCoils and fangs.
Outstanding FeaturesWell, other then he has a hood, yet looks like an Emerald tree boa?

Personality & Background

PersonalityAlways worried he is going to insult someone, Tweak makes it his life goal to make it through one week without saying on negative thing, which, he finds is almost impossible. He always worries about others and tries to take care of them as best as he can, helping them out and giving positive advice and such. The one thing he hates the most is that he knows he needs to depend on others once in awhile, even though he wants to help others.. and not need it.
LikesRamen, candy, salty stuff, food.
DislikesPeople who think picking on others is fun, yelling, talking loudly, being rude or watching others being rude, people who only talk to others if they have something they want, those groups of people who ignore you and then talk behind your back.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuotePants! I don't need 'em!