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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLaia Eraclea
SpeciesHuman/Dragon Hyrbid
Height6' 6"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhile she has no fur, she has small patches of Scales that are a deep purple. She other wise has tanned skin.
Hair ColourNot so much head fur as Hair. Which is a purple color with some streaks of red in it. Her hair length is about to her waist. While she pulls most back into a ponytail while the rest seems much shorter and seems to spike a little.
Eye ColourGreen. Though one eye is that of a human. Her left. Her right eye is that more reminiscent of a dragons. Slitted and a little more fierce looking.
ClothingShe wears a purple sleeved Jacket with fairly thick cuffs. The jackets length only reaches a few inches below her armpits, and she almost never zippers it up for -ahem- reasons. White shirt under the jacket. Her pants also share the purple color theme, tight on her hips, and flare out slightly at the cuffs. Which have a flame decal on them. Tight leather glove on her left hand.
AccessoriesThe only real 'accessory' she has is the bandaging around her right arm, which if she ever pulls off the jacket, is wrapped from the very tip of her fingers to her shoulder.
WeaponryShe uses only her fists and legs, both of which have a special device attached to in the cuffs of her jacket and pants. These devices increases the force of which she punches, as well as creating an energy dispersion that can sometimes even negate small or weakish magic or energy attacks.
Outstanding FeaturesShe does her best to hide these features. Perhaps asking about them or somehow discovering them for ones self is the best way to know. That and the fact she has draconic wings, tail, finned ears and horns. No spins or thorns on the tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySome say she's a fighter by nature. Though she does enjoy just kicking back and hanging out with friends. She's kind to those who she feels she should be, and the same goes for the opposite. She's mostly kind and friendly to most she meets.
BackgroundIt's hard to say, most files and records of her have mysteriously vanished or been deleted. Perhaps she did this herself, or hired someone to do so. Or maybe she just doesn't have records.
LikesCooking, meeting people, hanging out, sparring, more cooking, joking and playing around, teasing, Shopping, the list goes go on for a little while.
DislikesYou'll know if you do it.
OccupationShe works mostly as a chef in her free time. She doesn't typically call sparring or fighting others a job, mostly something that happens from time to time.