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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVanroth Selec
Specieswolf kitsugon
Age78,594 years old
Weight120lbs, 160lbs, 200lbs, 250lbs, 6t
SummaryVanroth is an unusual looking wolf as he has blue fur instead of the usual brown, tan, or black that you would find on a forst wolf. his blue fur usualy grants unwelcome attention and hostility in most towns or cities, because of this he is often seen in the wilderness, which causes most people to wonder how he manages to survive with no natural camouflage.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblue fur color, creamy white under fur, royal purple scales
Hair Colourpurple
Eye Colourbrown, blue
Clothinga tan shirt, camo shorts, and fingerless gloves to hide the runes.
Weaponrya twin point zanbato with six noches near the base and three holes at the exact same height as the notches.
Outstanding Featuresa white rune on the back of the left hand with a mirror rune on the right hand.

Personality & Background

Personalityis the kind of guy who would rather get hurt then see other people get hurt. he is a loner for a wolf which is rather strange as he prefers to live alone but he will live with others if he is left with enough privacy.
Backgroundhis name can be found in ancient history if one looks hard enough and is the result of a human spirit being near a revival shrine that was struck with a delayed thunder spell as the blood of a deceased kitsune and a deceased dragon mixed on the altar.
Likesberries, games, any sort of electrical device, and storms.
Dislikespeople who hate others for being diffrent, bad food, and people who hurt others for fun.
Locationunknown, has been known to be in mutiple places at once.
Occupationwandering disaster.
Additional Infohe is a shapeshifter and has access to his five main forms: a wolf, an anthro wolf, a hybrid, an anthro dragon, and a dragon. can sometimes be seen with seven tails as wolf. his hybrid form is a wolf anthro with wings of a dragon and seven tails four wolf and three dragon as well as bigger claws and a more wolf then dragon hybrid head.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoteif you only rely on you and make only yourself strong then those who would have been able to help in a tight spot will not be there to halt your fall into destruction.