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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGreatfang Argo
SpeciesTyrannosaur (kaijusaur)
AgeNot Given
WeightA few tons to, well...
SummaryGreatfang Argo is one of those few tyrannosaurs that really managed to get beyond their roots as non-thinking predators or city-destroyers. He's not much of a traveller, though, is taking correspondence courses and enjoying life in his own little corner of the NAU. Not to say that he won't travel, it's just that it's not practical for even dwarf kaijusaurs to go lumbering through some places. Did I add that he's podgy, brown, and tridactylous, not to mention a generally nice sort of dino. (He wouldn't get along with Rexar, that's for sure, would probably call in Varus or do the old exploit vulnerability strike.)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark brown hide with a lighter brown underbelly and indigo-blue striped markings. Borusa (another kaijusaur) says it's a chocolate-brown.
Hair ColourNone. Would probably be black if he had any, though.
Eye ColourBrown, with round pupils. His eyes are noted as being unusually human-like. May wear goggles with corrective lenses at dwarf kaijusaur sizes.
ClothingAs standard or giant kaijusaur, none. As a dwarf kaijusaur, he likely wears a jumpsuit or jeans and a sweatshirt plus a parka when it's cold. He's really not much for being formal...and there's really no need.
AccessoriesAs a dwarf kaijusaur, anything a geeky college freshman would probably own. Dice, gaming books, several editions of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (trivia, history, and humor in each 400-page tome), junk food, a MacBook Pro, a large somewhat scruffy-looking ALICE frame bag, toolkit, assorted survival gear, a Nintendo Wii, daikaiju plushies, etc.
WeaponryUsually unarmed, although he carries a sturdy Maglite. Not that he's used it on anyone, but carrying it makes him feel a bit better about walking through dangerous areas.
Outstanding FeaturesHas a noticeably inland North-type accent, along with a few extra markngs and certain areas concealed as they are in the vast majority of kaijsuars.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm, quiet, and suprisingly less aggressive than expected for his species. While he may come off as cold at first, he usually warms up nicely to other folks. The only area where trouble can start is when he gets angry...but he needs a good reason to sock someone most of the time.
BackgroundGreatfang is one of the Haven Macrofur Development Program's assorted failures or fizzles...he sort of stopped growing, and he didn't turn out particularly aggressive. He fled for the North American Union seeking asylum and some means of not being mistaken for something that deserved an AGM-65M or the like to the head. While he was a small source of intel on what happened to him, a few concerned organizations decided to give him the gift of living quarters in the North American Union's western hinterland, with space for other dwarf kaijusaurs as well.
LikesGrowth, snuggling, electronics, macro, video games, soundtracks, science fiction, computers, Apple computers, junk food, inflation, inflatables, dinosaurs, late-model technology, an occasional bout of overeating, tabletop RPGs, folks who are a worthwhile source of long conversation, other kaijusaurs, trying to come up with a handy and unobtrusive little model for why and how furries and the like work, music from the 1980's, etc.
DislikesStomping, a lot of needless destruction, combat RP, yiff, vore, some dragons, hyper, Windows Vista, munchkins, worn out jokes, memes, ignorant furs, misanthropists (nutboxes), rap/hip-hop music, ludicrously high-end megamacros, the Big Eight megamacros ("Rude, selfish, swaggering, greedy bunch of folks with delusions of godhood."), a certain incredibly stale baked good
LocationNorth American Union...one of the many kaijusaurs in the Protected Zone. Often somewhere near or in the facility, although he has been known to go traveling from time to time, has even visited a few large cities after he traded off a few things for cash on UE-Bay. He also toured with the other kaijusaurs when trying to give the world a taste of "Electromagnetic Liopleurodon" after the third Omega War.
OccupationStudent, artist, adventurer, and bassist in the kaijusaurian rock band, "Electromagnetic Liopleurodon."

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Roll for initiative, meatsnack."