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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDimitriov Antonija Stevanovic
SpeciesSiberian Husky
GenderMale (Gay)
Weight130 lbs
SummaryLet's imagine this scene: You're going in the mountain to do some skiing, ice skating or whatever and decide to go up in the moutain. As you get to the chairlift, you see somebody going down the cliff, though you can't really distinguish him because of the billowing snow around him. This mysterious fur then begin to jump and do impressive tricks one after the other, finally getting to a stop down the hill. As he takes his helmet off, you realize he is a siberian husky, quite young looking, and that he looks at you, smiling. He then puts his helmet back on and heads down to the hotel... Though... he went away quite fast... as if hiding something...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe mainly got white and gray fur.
Hair ColourHis hairs are dyed blue and always held spiked up.
Eye ColourHe got nearly glowing blue eyes, as if they were precious gems.
ClothingHe usually wears a tank top with a high collar when he isn't in his snowboarding suit. Talking about his snowboarding suit, it is blue and white, same thing for his helmet, which looks like a very high tech and sized down version of a fighter pilot helmet. Same thing for his swimsuit/wetsuit. Though, instead of having a whole helmet, he only wears a small headset like the one seen in the "Lara Croft-Tomb Raider" movies.
AccessoriesHis helmet is equipped with many gadgets such as a communicator, a flashlight, a GPS, numeric binoculars and else. Same thing for his headset (which is waterproof).
WeaponryThis fur uses two heaviliy modified Benelli MP95 pistols all chromed with a black custom made stock. (http://www.armyrecognition.com/europe/Italie/Armes/Benelli/Benelli_MP95-E_Kromo_Pistol_italy_01.jpg) He also use a very heavily modified Walther WA2000 sniper rifle to take out far away preys. Since he usually does competition in biathlon or else, his weapons can go nearly anywhere.
Outstanding FeaturesOn his upper back, he has a blue dragon tatooed. Though he always wear clothes that hides it.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe usually acts like a cheerfull young wolf though with good manners. He sometimes acts as the world wide known man he is but not often. If someone that knows who he is talks with him, he will retain his cheerfull mindset though he will go straight to the point, be straightfoward or else.
BackgroundWhen he was only a pup, the KGB went to his parents and paid them a large amount of money so they can have their son to be in a special project. Being quite poor, they accepted. He was only 8. During 10 years, he was trained with other furs to become hitmans working for the KGB. They were mentally conditionned to become cold blooded and to listen to orders without questionning. Then came two years of training on the field. They killed people for teh KGB unil their final exam: They were asked to kill their parents. Only 5 of the 30 furs succeeded to do this mission and Dimitriov was one of them. Then, five years later, the project ended and the five of them were released in the nature, then picked a contract killer agency. Even today, they still are good friends.
Likes-Snowboarding or surfing -The snow or water -The mountain or the beach -A hot chocolate or hot cofee after coming back from the snow -A cool cocktail when coming back from the beach. -Doing target practice -Doing his job -Keeping his cover perfect
Dislikes-Being discovered by somebody. He doesn't want to kill innocent people. -Hot places like Mexico (except if he can do surfing) or places where there aren't any skiing resort near.
OccupationHis cover is that he is a world wide known athlete doing biathlon, snowboarding and surf. He is quite appreciated by womans and strangely is never much harrassed by the medias. Though... this is only a shell. Under this shell, hides a professionnal hitman... which explains the weapons.
Additional InfoHis KGB friends names are: -Silvernicoff Sidorovich -Andrei Varsovya -Wladyslaw Antonovoï -Valentin Milenkov