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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLonewulf
SpeciesLiving Constellation
AgeDefine "Time"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack as a moonless night.
Hair ColourBlack, slightly longer than his fur size
Eye ColourGolden, seeming to shine with supernatural light. When in mist form, the eyes look like yellow stars.
ClothingNone, usually.
WeaponryMagical abilities, mist forms; most weaponry goes unused or not shown. In a "fair fight", uses whatever is handy.
Special AbilitiesMany on his home plane, few the further he goes outside of it, unless there are ways to bring his influence with him.
Outstanding Features Has a white jewel set into his forehead, a sign of his mating with another. When in mist form, the jewel looks like a white star.

Personality & Background

Personality Dependant on mood. Friendly or distant, though unpredictable and a danger to be around for any length of time. Tends to develop an interest in some creatures.
Background Is an Avatar of a powerful force, a celestral (living constellation) that's deep within the universe, taking the shape of a non-anthro wolf. His main goal is the taking over planets to bring back to the celestral form, which is a task that takes centuries, so he mainly just lounges around as he spreads his influence. His celestral self is a mystery, however, and little is recorded or known of it - except that only three stars are clearly visible, and they are two yellow and one white star. The dim light of red stars can barely be made out.
LikesToying with others, violence, watching those he's interested in. Many other likes, dependant of his mood.
Dislikes Someone being more powerful than he is, even if he will act like the victim many times.
Location Mist: In all sorts of dimensions. Several at once - just "fingers" of the main body. Celestral form: Deep in space in a barely known dimension.
OccupationWorld-devourer, voyeur... erm, well, other than that, just an interdimensional bum.
Additional Info Isn't easily defeated in a true fight. However, manytimes he will act submissive, and act like a victim. It depends on his mood and who confronts him.

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