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drawn by Freakzter

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePariah
Heightwere form 6ft1, human form 5ft5, quad form 2ft tall and 5ft nose to tail-tip
Weightw/f- 160 lb, h/f- 130 lb, q/f- 70 lb
SummaryI am just your average were-cat. Therian, furry, and geek through-and-through!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourbody fur- slate grey with darker back and lighter belly, silver toes on fore and hind-paws, dark ring around her muzzle, some dark and light marks above eyes
Hair ColourNo human-style headfur, just a ruff of longer body fur on the back of her head and around her neck in kind-of a pseudo-mane
Eye Colourfrosty blue, nearly white
ClothingNo clothing in were or quad form. Her fur is thick enough that it is not unnecessary. In human form, she wears mostly black or loose-fitting natural fiber fabric.
AccessoriesAforementioned Mizpah necklace.
WeaponryTeeth and claws. Also practices archery and silat.
Outstanding Featuressilver toes and dark cougar-like facial markings and dark fur down her spine, making a cross on her shoulders Always wearing a mizpah coin necklace

Personality & Background

Personalityintrospective, quiet, self-confident A prankster around the few she trusts. ;)
BackgroundPariah was raised by wonderful human parents, but suffered a great deal of torment by her peers for her gift. Since finding others like herself, she is now well-adjusted, but still harbors a great deal of animosity toward humans as a species.
Likesart, literature, quiet places, cartoons :D
Dislikesmost humans, willful ignorance, arrogance, scorpions, monkeys X|
LocationPariah has no permanent home- she constantly wanders, but is always drawn back to Texas where she grew up, as well as Colorado and Montana where there is still some wild left.
OccupationPsychologist, self-representing artist
Additional InfoPariah has been happily mated to AlphaGeek for four years and counting. :)

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteNot all who wander are lost.

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