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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIko Rane
SummaryI am half egyptian fennic fox and half Japanese Arctic fox. I'm a little hard to get along with but I'm ususaly good with others. I'm also called mom by alot of others because of my mother hen attitude. I'll help you out with problems. I'm also an aspiring artist trying to get her way by. I have galleries both at www.furaffinit.net/user/iko and www.IkoRane.deviantart.com. I've had a bigfurs for a few years now and wow does it look different. Well if you want to know more note me up on FA!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite black violet
Hair Colourviolet
Eye Colour red
Clothingusualy mah birfday suit
Accessoriessome silver colored bangles,lots of hoop earring, annaversary collar from my mate
Weaponryshe usually doesn't fight but when she does she uses small daggars that are strapped around her waist and are accecable from the back and criss crossing.A small dagger strapped to her left ankle and hidden by a colourful wrap,her sometimes but usually dull claws,her large and strong footpaws,and her small but very sharp fangs.
Special AbilitiesShe's a kitsune so she can shapeshift. Though being younge she only has two tails,rarely visible. This includes Dragon,swallow,koi,kangaroo rat, and a vase. Her element is fire ad is usualy with blue flames.Can also melt into trees and nature bound things.
Outstanding Features a patch of black fur-like bangs,stripes on cheeks,black ears,and black tip of tail, short, long black spade tounge

Personality & Background

Personalityyou'll find out
Likesorange chicken,fried rice,chicken tariaki,eggrolls,crab ragune,sushi,chiken ramen,almost anything chicken flavored,ramene',bawls,sparkling cider,the night,the moon,drawing,singing,fighting with other furs,cuddling,belly dancing,drawing other anthros,hanging out with friends,warm dark places,anime
Dislikesjello,mean snobby people,tomatto joice,stroganof
LocationKurayami Manor
OccupationHouse Wife and mother to many
Additional InfoShe is mated and married to the very strong and handsom Kurayami Ryusuke www.furaffinity.net/user/kurayamiryu888 She does not yiff with others or perticipate in foreplay

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote'I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time'

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