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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHazul Raine
AgeYoung adult.
SummaryEpic fag.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTypical cheetah colour, tan fur, decorated with black spots. His underside is a lighter shade of tan, almost white.
Hair ColourPurple! It turns to a slightly redder shade of purple when something is causing him stress or discomfort.
Eye ColourSky blue, with a shimmering twinkle which he hopes reflects some of his inner innocence and fills people with a forgotten hope. Whether it does or not is another question, but he hopes so.
ClothingBaggy jeans, socks from his collection of colourful footwear and comfy toe-socks, occasionally t-shirts if they catch his eye, and when the weather warrants it, hoodies of assorted colours (Preferably purple) and an assortment of patterns (Preferably spots).
AccessoriesBesides his rainbow coloured or purple piercings, he occasionally wears a pendant made from a type of nut.
WeaponryThe cheetah isn't much of a combatant, yet if the need calls for it, he uses his body as a weapon. His flexibility and agility are his favourite tools. On accasion he playfights using weapons. Normally just dual weilding slats of wood, or sticks as makeshift swords. Which would be his choice of weaponry if such was neccessary. Right handed he'd use a medium length blade, not too long or it'd reduce manuverability too much. Left handed, he'd have a shorter blade, held back handed.
Special AbilitiesNothing too special, besides being very sentimental.
Outstanding FeaturesNothing as far as he knows.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is the epitome of gay, yet manages to do so without being overly effeminate. The cheetah is very abiguous, at times he is the most sociable creature in existance, at othertimes he is a recluse, and likes to hide away in his own little world. He is very playful, although he often doesn't admit it. Yet even his darkest moods cannot be broken by a bit of lighthearted fun.
BackgroundHis innocent and naiive personality have led him to make many wrong turns and mistakes in the past. A past which has earned him the nickname of "Failcat", yet while he tries to make as few mistakes as possible, he appreciates them for what they are, an opportunity to learn. As said before, he is very sentimental, and believes almost every problem can be defeated, as long as deep in your heart, you believe you will prevail.
LikesAttention, and lots of it. Tummy rubs. Stripy or spotty colourful clothes. Caffeine, and much of it. Sentiment. Being wrong. (While liking being wrong may sound like some kind of self-hating crap, this is not the case. Hazul likes being wrong, because when you're wrong, you learn something. When you are wrong, you have to self-examine, and doing so often produces opportunities to grow)
DislikesBland food, pop culture, egotistical people, anyone who believes class has anything to do with someone's rights, vegetables, uninvited guests (Or guests who won't take the hint that it's time their visit came to an end), christmas lights and christmas music, minorities who self-segregate and create hatred of themselves by screaming "persecution" everytime someone does something they don't like.
OccupationUnemployed most of the time, yet do have occasional work now and then as a when-needed labourer.
Additional InfoI like starry nights :D

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