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Yeah it's me

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCarusio_MystWolf
SpeciesWolf, with Dragon wings
Weightalmost 300 lbs
SummaryNot much to say really..

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRedish brown fur
Hair Coloura tuft of silver hair
Eye ColourGreen eyes
ClothingIt depends on what I want to wear...
AccessoriesRing of the Protector, Amulet of Myst
WeaponryLong Katana named "Mystic Spirit", Magic
Special AbilitiesCarusio is highly skilled in the art of magic, having mastered many forms of it, including inter-dimensional magic, as well as necromancy and enchantments. He can also fly with the use of his wings
Outstanding FeaturesEyes that seem to pierce your soul...

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe seems harsh and cold at first, but those close to him know why...
DislikesLiars, Guns, humans who don't know their rank
LocationThe land of Myst
OccupationProtector and Consort of Ryver
Additional InfoOther Names : Redwolf Blade, Carusio Red Wolf.