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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDazz
HeightAbout 5'6

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDazz is a combination of caracal tan, dark brown and light creme. Her ears are like that of a tiger, with a dark base and the light tan sun spot on the back.
Hair ColourDazz's headfur is naturally blonde but she hates the color so she dyes it outrageous colors such as pink [her current hair color] and other colors which span the rainbow.
Eye ColourDazz's eyes are green with little flecks of blue in them.
ClothingDazz at work wears mostly tight t-shirts and little skirts with heels but at home it's usually PJs or her workout suit [which includes, Yoga pants, a spagetti strapped shirt and a bathing suit]
Outstanding FeaturesDazz's distinguishing features would have to be her ears. They're shaped like that of a caracal, which means they have a long extended whisker tip but they have the coloring and marking of that of the tiger.

Personality & Background

LikesThe beach, Dogs, Boys, hanging out, TV, Cartoons, Photoshoots, chillin with friends, working on her modelling portfolio
DislikesCruelty, Babies, large groups of people,
OccupationCurrently working at the Vague [fictional] modelling studio as a mail girl, attempting to become a model.

Just for Fun