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Thanks Zeph for the art :D

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePingk
SpeciesRabbit [Snow-shoed]
Height250ft [300 with ears]
Weight6000 tons
SummaryPing, but female and pink

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight pink, almost white
Hair ColourGreen
Eye ColourAzure blue
ClothingTight fitting, black jeans; dark green t-shirt
Accessories"Small" glasses resting at the end of her snout
Outstanding FeaturesBig paws, voluptuous curves

Personality & Background

PersonalityUpbeat, friendly but reserved, strange, playful, straight.
BackgroundNone yet
LikesWeirdness, anything fun, food (and lots of it), making friends, poking people and fursons, reading, video games, math, science, excersising.
DislikesArrogance, idiocy, people and fursons who never get to the point, racism, pain.
LocationQuébec, Canada

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYay! Chocolate!