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Image done by Razzek! Thanks so very very very much - It just looks increadibly awesome! :D Coloring was done by me.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGyzo
SpeciesRacoon... Sort of.
Height3 feet or 0.91 meter
Weight30 kilograms
SummaryA green-furred Racoon with large bat ears, a red spacesuit and a jetpack on his back. He also wears googles that appear to consists of two spinning gears and his pockets make a clanging sound at every step he takes. It seems like they're filled with metal things.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGreen fur with black stripes.
Hair ColourThe same.
Eye ColourEdmerald blue.
ClothingHe usually wears a quite funky red spacesuit with many small and filled pockets. Some contain typical astronaut-food, some even bombs and rays from wich noone knows what they're good for. He also wears googles that appear to consist out of two spinning gears.
AccessoriesA Jetpack with some bags on the outside. Also, some tools like a screwdriver are attatched there with a strap.
WeaponryHe sometimes has something that looks like a over-grown fireworks-rocket with a toothy grin painted on it strapped on his back, wich could count as a weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesA quite big fluffy tail, large bat ears.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOpen-minded, funny and curious.
BackgroundHe's actually some sort of alien, who escaped from his planet. His homeplanet was much much bigger than the Earth, the gravity was so hight that the air was actually liquid. The high gravity is also the reason why his species is so small and why his species is one of the few that can suvive a near-lightspeed flight in a spaceship with still being to fly the ship itself. His race of friendly inventors and discoverers was enslaved years ago by another species to serve them with their inventions and unique physique. Gyzo himself was trained as an engeneer to be given away after an tournament as a price to the winner.
LikesHe is easily fascinated by about everything and always keeps an open mind.
LocationGround Zero City Outskirts, in a self-build steam-powered hut that seems to work day and night on... Something
OccupationNone as for now.