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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePaige
Height5'11 normally, but can change hight
Weightsay what? you want to be in how many slices?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloura mix of browns on her soft fur as her scales dance with a bit of gold mixed in the tan
Hair ColourSandy Blonde
Eye ColourBlue
Clothingusually a black skirt and white blouse
Accessoriesa soft kind smile
Weaponrydon't ask
Outstanding Featuresshe looks like a mix of Dragon and Otter...wich she is. she has lovely wings that compliment her soft curves

Personality & Background

Personalitysome would say she is mother nature....or is that nature girl? she's always looking for some fun in one shape or form
BackgroundAsk the dragon known as Page
Likesshe's a loving creature that also likes to be noughty from time to time. she likes to cuddle and nuzzle, take swims in rivers or pools. loves spending time with friends and making new friends.
Dislikesbeing used or seeing others in pain

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoteummm...this is your first time seeing a drotter isn't it?