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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDevyn Vorpalina
SpeciesMismagus poke-morph
Agemid teens
Height1'08 at regular size (sizeshifter)
SummaryA quiet Mismagius anthro, though not being shy, but rather constantly distracted by her next-to-unstoppable trains of thought.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdeep dark purple short coat
Hair Colourblack mostly with the odd pink patch
Eye Colourhoneyish amber with golden specks and deep round pupils she can dilate and constrict at will
Clothingshe usualy wears a tight short sleved red tank top with a knee length skirt and is never seen with out her favorite boots tightly laced up
Accessoriesa amythest studded pentacle pendent she wears now and again
Outstanding Features"It is impossible to notice her mouth when closed, the mismagius have no such thing as soft, bulging lips. She is incapable of kissing, as a result, and envies those that can. A lack of nose also prevents her from smelling. She prefers walking with her legs as opposed to levitating.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDevyn is highly bipolar, sometimes deliberately stepping on tinies under her feet, and yet at other times, going out of her way to protect them.
BackgroundDevyn was born a ghost, and thus never knew the feelings of flesh and blood, growing up on her parents stories of the living. She developed a very un-ghostly desire to experience new physical and emotional sensations, and it was on her first foray into being a giant that she found what she enjoyed.
Likessocializing, being hugged, hugging back playing pranks mean spirited or otherwise
Dislikesbeing called creepy, being forced to into things
Occupationwandering Wanderer
Additional InfoShe can alter her specifics slightly through simply her will, like turning her feet into paws. However, she prefers human-like features, and keeps her hands and feet.

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