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Me at my base size

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLogan Draconia
Specieshalf-breed feline (Human with cat ears and tail)
Height6'0+ (varies depending on how big he grows. 6'0 is his base size)
Weight200lbs+ (200lbs is base and gets heavier when growing)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourEars, tail, and hair are a light-blue color. Almost silver-like but a hint of blue.
Hair ColourJust as I stated before. A silvery-blue
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingNever wears a shirt. Wears pants and boots that seem to have come from medieval times. He's obviously a warrior of the old arts.
AccessoriesA magic amplifier necklace that he keeps at all times.
WeaponryHe has a large sword and he has magic of all kinds. His main magic is elemental magic. His favorite elements are Lightning and Ice. ESPECIALLY Lightning. When absorbing electrical energy, he can channel it all together to make a lightning bolt powerful enough to obliterate the planet.
Outstanding FeaturesI have cat-like markings on my body that look like tattoos. They are black.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy around new people, he tends to be a bit nervous because he feels first impressions are important. Overtime he opens up and reveals his true self, a really fun, kind, and loving guy. He may look tough and intimidating, but deep down he's just a big softie. Whatever you do, however, do NOT piss him off. He has a dark side that makes Satan look like Santa Claus.
Background....I'd rather not discuss it...
LikesFighting, kind-hearted people, being macro, being in the company of even bigger macro women, women who can fight rather than cry for help all the time, baby-back ribs (favorite food), Snow, and Thunderstorms.
DislikesPeople who are mean to others for no reason, murdering the innocent, prissy stuck-up girls, Spring (allergic to pollen), people who say "I dont care" when you ask them something, and hairly legs on full human girls.
LocationIRL - Ohio RP - Anywhere he feels like. Mainly out on the open sea or in port towns. He sometimes enjoys going to big cities for recreation.
OccupationPirate when he's in his base size. He may be a pirate but that doesn't make him bad. He's mainly the kind of pirate that treasure hunts rather than steal from others.
Additional InfoAs stated before, he can grow as big as he wants. That includes size, muscles, individual body parts, you name it.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I can deal with my own pain, but I cant stand letting other people suffer." "Bigger is better!"

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