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Vital Statistics!

Character Namescruffy
Age20.. but i act more like im 10 at times ^..^
Height5' 8
Weightuh im a twig >.<

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite... but almost always coverd in mud or dirt
Eye Colourthey green!! how smexy ;)
Clothingnormaly only wearing pants.. or a stlylish shirt ^..^
Outstanding Featuresnot too many.. other then im always dirty ;)

Personality & Background

Personalityhmm.. well.. uhh *bounce bounce bounce* hmm *hops in mud*
Backgroundold racecar driver.. now just mudwrestles now.. :3
Likesmud!! and cars! and SNOOOOWWW!!
Dislikesacutaly.. come to think of it.. i dont really have any...
Locationup in the mountains.. where theres SNOW!!
Occupationalways under a hood of a car...
Additional Infoi dont do drugs >.> stop asking about my email adress! >.<

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