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Ryver Dragon Queen of MystHaven

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRyver MystDragon
Height570 feet tall
Weight2630 tons
SummaryI am the Queen Dragon of the lands of Evora Myst. I stand at 570 feet tall with a 300 foot tail and a wingspan of 1400 feet. My mate is Redwolf Blade also known as Carusio MystWolf

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe color of a thousand Amethysts glistening wetly in the moonlight
Eye ColourCobalt Blue when calm, with swirls of green and red when angry
AccessoriesDragon Pentacle Amulet
WeaponryTalons, Tail, and water breath. Being a western water dragon, Ryver has water magic rather then fire magic. She can breath water like a dragon breaths fire. The water magic allows her to change the form of the water at will from scalding hot steam to razor sharp ice shards. Another ability allows anyone who is riding her to breath under water when she swims.
Special AbilitiesA living planet is a much more complex metaphor for deity than just a bigger father with a bigger fist. If an omniscient, all-powerful Dad ignores your prayers, it's taken personally. Hear only silence long enough, and you start wondering about his power. His fairness. His very existence. But if a world mother doesn't reply, Her excuse is simple. She never claimed conceited omnipotence. She has countless others clinging to her apron strings, including myriad species unable to speak for themselves. To Her elder offspring She says - go raid the fridge. Go play outside. Go get a job. Or, better yet, lend me a hand. I have no time for idle whining.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMostly nice but can also be cold hearted and bitchy at times
LikesAnimals such as Orcas, wolves, coyotes, cats, dogs, etc. Cooking, camping, photography, writing, and drawing.
DislikesLiars, Cheats and Tyrants
LocationWe live in the shadow of Mt Rainier in the Puget Sound are of the Pacific Northwest.
Additional InfoWe share our home with 6 cats. Redwolf and I have been married since August of 1999

Just for Fun

Homepagewww.myspace.com/ryver_dragon or www.angelfire.com/wa/ryverdragon/index.html
Favourite QuoteOnly when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money. ~Cree Indian Proverb

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