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Vital Statistics!

Character NameReyu
SpeciesMorphing fur (normally a silver wolf)
Age??? (400+)
HeightSix foot even
Weight180+ pounds
SummaryMainly a six foot one hundred and eighty pound wolf fur with silver fur and white hair. In turth a morphing fur that can change his shape and form at any time in any place.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure silver that glims like the full moon's light.
Hair ColourIvory white hair that flows down to his shoulders and sometimes his back.
Eye ColourIce blue that look the same as a frozen lake in winter.
ClothingLikes to wear any color of jeans and t-shirts and literally ANY color.
AccessoriesSometimes wears a chocker or bangle depending on his mood.
WeaponryMagicks and some short swords. Proficent with healing arts and arcana while sub-par with melee combat.
Outstanding FeaturesNothing distinguishing except the fact that Reyu can morph and has ice blue eyes in any form.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery calm but sometimes mischevious and self-centered he will often do for others but at a personal gain for himself. Not completely selfish Reyu has a good heart and will do for anyone even if there isn't a gain to be gotten.
BackgroundHis age is unknown but Reyu hails from the land where the sun rises by his habit of speaking traditional Japanese and some Chinese but then again it could be becuase he likes the culture. Reyu doesn't remember where he comes from only when he was found by an old Japanese couple...four hundred years ago...
LikesLikes boys and men, video games, Japanese culture and food, Anime, writing, learning magicks, helping others,shounen-ai and yaoi.
DislikesHomophobes, people who are abusive to him and others, war, and getting writer's block.
LocationA wayfarer by nature but has a home in Nippon/Japan in Tokyo and America. Currently living in the states in New York.
OccupationCurrently unemployed but does hunt for treasures, bandit hunter, bounty hunter, and journalist.
Additional InfoNot much to say other than Reyu is homosexual and will flirt with any prospective male of any species that crosses his path. Bishounen beware!!;)

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLife is a comdey to those who think and tragedy to those who feel. But what creature doen't feel for another including himself?