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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMephria Shyria
AgeOnly 15
Height3' (Size subject to change...a lot -o.o-)
WeightWeighs very little, she's skinny!
SummaryShe is a young wolfess with grey fur, that loves the act of diminishing and getting smaller in every way, shape and form! Though, with size-changing powers beyond her control, she often finds herself a lot larger or smaller completely out of the blue...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA very fluffy wolfess, with a lighter shade of gray fur!
Hair ColourIt's about shoulder length, and very soft, and has a reddish colored tint to it.
Eye ColourA deep bluish color, that seems to glimmer in the sunlight. Not really, though :P
ClothingShe generally snatches up whatever secondhand clothing she can find around, so generally what she does have are baggy clothing meant for people several sizes bigger than her.
AccessoriesShe doesn't really have any real possessions that are 'hers,' or at least not yet.
WeaponryOnly her fists! And her size, when she's big, but generally, she tries not to hurt others.
Outstanding FeaturesShe's a really skinny wolfess, but really doesn't have many distinguishing features. Oh, she's pretty skinny, and doesn't have much of a chest! But, those don't really pick her out from a crowd -o.o-

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's usually really shy around new people, and often opens up fairly quickly to those who aren't really forward, or those who are kind and cuddly.
BackgroundHer background is something Mephria doesn't enjoy talking about, nor does it seem clear in the least from her appearance what happened to her. The only certainty is that the wolfess now travels alone, no family or friends to back her up, getting off free food, or what she can snatch up carefully, and not wastefully.
LikesShrinking, being eaten, soft things, feeding others food, or even herself, being within others, candy, games, and writing. -o.o-
DislikesHurting others, sour things, but not really much else. Aside from sex...cuddling's ok, though ->.>-
LocationAnywhere, and everywhere!
OccupationWanderer. She's too young to have a job, and too good at foraging for herself to make money!
Additional InfoMephria has a bit of a strange reaction to certain emotions, which may cause her to grow or shrink without cause. Though she can just barely control in which direction her height changes, the degree she grows or shrinks is entirely uncontrollable.

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