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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCherice Goldstien
SpeciesSkunk (striped)
Height5' 11
Weight191 pounds of muscle
SummaryCherice is an athletic, strong, and extremely tough young skunkette. Her body is very well-toned up and down, though her chest is surprisingly large, featuring a pair of E-cups. Her body has a layer of soft fur, and she walks with a feminine grace, but both are dangerously disarming. She uses any advantage she can to get her way, especially when in the ring. She loves to wrestle as well, with quite a bit of skill in grappling and holds. Unfortunately, she also comes with a sadistic streak, sometimes causing her to take the fight a little too far.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and white
Hair ColourNaturally white, however, she frequently dyes it.
Eye ColourDeep emerald green
ClothingHer workout gear consists of cotton gym shorts and either a tank top or a matching sports bra. Outside of that, though, she favors tall boots and leather.
WeaponryHer body does well enough, most of the time. Though given a handgun, she knows what to do with it. Typically doesn't have one.
Outstanding FeaturesShe has a large, bushy tail and a smile that's hard to forget.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's very friendly and personable much of the time, as well as considerate. The problem is, though, she has a short fuse. When provoked, taunted, or otherwise made upset, she gets mean, violent, and sadistic.
BackgroundOriginally from a small town in Nevada.
LikesWrestling, submission holds, having her way, working out, teasing, ice cream, the color red.
DislikesPublic humiliation, people making fun of her squeaky "growl", chauvinism, cowardice.
LocationTravels a great deal nowadays.
OccupationWrestler, former dancer, massage school dropout.