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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSamantha S. Love
SpeciesWolf, Lycanthrope
SummarySamantha would be a female of the lupine variety that looked something like this most of each month. This pale silver haired she wolf stands roughly 5'11". Burnt silver fur covers most of her frame, aside from the splashes of pearly white on her cheeks and the stripe of white that runs from the underside of her muzzle to the tip of her tail. Though she's not exactly thick this particular bitch is slightly on the plump side, weighing in around 18olbs. Of course the fun bits are rather proportional for a vicious, predator, a plump but still firm ass and a bosom that just manages to fill out a D cup.(At least during most of the month.) Clothing is typically black, utilitarian paramilitary cargo trousers, black tank top and light duty jacket.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCharcoaled silver fur covers most of her body; starting under her chin and running from the tip of her tail is a pearly silver stripe set on her mid line. (Read typical lupine markings.) http://tinyurl.com/48yx5e
Hair ColourStraight, typically close cut and white streaked silver.
Eye ColourIs there a pattern here? Silver. To be exact they have been described as the color of a full moon reflecting off smooth water.
ClothingTypically black cotton tank top, black BDU style emergency medical tech trousers, light duty black jacket, black leather/nylon tactical boots (Think Bates side zip Ultralights) or black silk pajama pants and t-shirt.
AccessoriesVarious odds and ends.
WeaponryCompletely harmless... right?
Special AbilitiesGod like stubbornness!
Outstanding FeaturesPiercings: -3 cross cup barbells in the right ear in a ladder configuration. - 4 rings in the left ear. Two just above the base on the lateral edge of the furred triangle, one on the outer edge of the tip and a forth on the medial side midway up the outer ridge. -Assorted horizontal piercings in her nipples (either a pair barbells, rings or spikes depending on the day and situation.) -4 Hoop chastity rings through her outer labia or 8 small rings/studs when unlocked. (Not always present for a variety of reasons.)

Personality & Background

PersonalityBitchy Beta
BackgroundThat's private.
LikesShouldn't be that hard to figure out once you get to know her.
DislikesYou and anybody else she doesn't know.
Location#Latex, #Vixens, #Furgasmic and few other places on furnet's IRC network.
OccupationFormer paramedic, currently a medical consultant with Synthetic Vitality Corp.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Yeah, I'm that bitch."