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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAndrogyny Adams
SpeciesAnthro Housekitty
GenderGenderless (Shifts)
AgeSeventeen years old.
HeightFive foot three inches tall.
WeightNinety nine pounds, very petite and slim.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAndrogyny has snow white fur covering his entire body, and said fur has no markings. He is a long-haired feline, and his pelt is quite soft and silky. The fur requires a lot of grooming to remain in good condition, including frequent baths.
Hair ColourHis headfur is one of his favorite features, and totally natural, despite how fake it looks. Andy’s short, shaggy locks are bright Crayola crayon red at the ends, deep, dark cherry red at the roots. His hair is always unkempt, and he has given up on trying to make it obey him.
Eye ColourThis kitty has a bicolored set of eyes from a disorder known as Heterochromia. One of his eyes is a bright grass green; the other eye is a pale sky blue. His lashes are black and his brows are the same fire engine red as his headfur.
ClothingGothic and punk attire are the main staple of this kitty's wardrobe. He favors red, pink, and black as far as colors go. Androgyny considers himself a genderbender in every sense of the word. Andy loves to wear tophats and ties in female form, coupled with a short skirt and fishnet stockings. In male form, he almost always wears heells or knee-high boots and a cute skirt or dress. Lingerie is his favorite thing to shop for, and to wear. Even in male form he decks himself out in a garter belt with pretty frilly panties.
AccessoriesAndy always wears the tight black leather choker around his neck. Dangling from the end of this choker is a small red heart-shaped gem. One of his ears has three silver hoops running through it; the other ear has three silver studs. He also has a silver hoop running through his lower lip, in the middle (Also known as a labret piercing). His nipples are pierced with silver loops, and the left nipple has a small red heart charm dangling from the nipple ring. On the end of his tail one can usually find a tied red ribbon, especially if the kitty is trying to look pretty. He also constantly wears a small X shaped black barrette in his headfur.
WeaponryNone. He's a lover, not a fighter.
Outstanding FeaturesAside from a lack of gender (and the ability to shift genders whenever he desires to) Andy also speaks with a stutter due to being -incredibly- shy.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThe first thing most folks notice about Androgyny is his southern accent, and the fact that when nervous, he stutters. He is painfully shy, especially when meeting new people, which is why it took a great deal of prodding on Larix's part to get Androgyny to agree to try dancing.

When on stage, Androgyny transforms into another person; he becomes more free spirited and fun-loving, and by far less self conscious. He is not a shallow person, but he enjoys looking nice, so the cat can often be found primping and prettying himself up.

He's rarely rude or mean to anyone, and like most submissives, he'd have a very difficult time resisting the advances of anyone more forceful than he is. Due to that, Andy's quite glad that a number of the people he's close to are more outgoing and aggressive than him, and very protective.
BackgroundAndy was raised in a small town in Kentucky, by a pair of extremely conservative and religious parents. They were never abusive towards him, but they did ignore his suffering as he was mercilessly bullied throughout his school years by his peers.

His father, who had always sensed something wasn't quite right with Andy, sent him off to a camp specializing in gay, lesbian, and transgendered teens when he found out about Andy's ability to gendershift. Andy didn't fit in there anymore than he did anywhere else, and he eventually ran away.

Larix found him in the alleyway behind Puss-N-Boots and put him up in a small unoccupied studio apartment on top of the club, allowing the cat to pay his way by waiting and bussing tables. After Andy's ability to gendershift came to light, Larix pushed the kitty to dance until Andy finally relented, and has never looked back.
LikesPleasing his owner, making new friends (even though he's painfully shy), being complimented, shopping for new clothes, dancing, and fruity drinks with little brightly-colored straws in them.
DislikesBeing bullied or pushed around (he has difficulty telling people "no"), smokers blowing their cigarette smoke in his face, being teased when he stutters, extreme pain (even though he'll tolerate it, if he's told to), getting his fur wet.
LocationHe lives in one of the three small apartments located above his place of work, a club called Puss-N-Boots. The other apartments are occupied by his boss, a bulldog named Larix, who took in him off the street after he ran away from home, and his best friend Nihil, a skunkitty and fellow dancer.
OccupationWaiter turned exotic dancer at club Puss-N-Boots. His boss saw a way to earn big money in him, and Androgyny doesn't much mind the extra cash. He can hardly tell people what his job is without blushing furiously and stutterin' up a storm, but that doesn't change the fact that Andy's actually quite adept at shakin' his groove thang.
Additional InfoAndy is, quite literally, genderless. He can shift from female to male at will, but if he doesn't will it so, he will remain as smooth and sexless as your typical anatomically incorrect doll. He is usually seen in male form, so unless otherwise noted, you can assume he's male.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Androgyny is a term derived from the Greek words andras (meaning man) and gyne (meaning woman) that can refer to two concepts regarding the mixing of both male and female genders or having a lack of gender identification." ~ Wikipedia