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Vampire Al (I still need a anthro pic for him.)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlbireo "Akamune" Meabara
SpeciesVampire/European Wolf
SummaryTo his friends he is Al or Albi. To his enemies he is Akamune or the "Red Beast". Only one person may call him ally and no one else.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourLight Brown to Dark Brown. Changes with his mood.
Eye ColourBlueish gray
ClothingBlack dress suit with red tie.
AccessoriesGolden ring on his right hand.
WeaponrySaif and Black Sea Yatagan
Special AbilitiesCan transform into a Wolf-type Anthromorph, a black furred dog, mist, shadow self, and can grow bat wings at will. He also has unconditional love for a certain woman in his life.
Outstanding FeaturesInch long horizontal scar on the right cheek.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLaid back and carefree, Albireo finds fun before work and finds ways of avoiding the work he is expected to do. If he was to find a job that was fun he'd be set. He tends to have few friends, but the friends he has are closer than family to him.
BackgroundBorn between 1169 and 1172, Albireo lived a relatively isolated life until he was 18 years of age. He traveled to England and joined the ranks of King Richard during the third crusade. He was moved around a lot before stationed in Acre in Jerusalem. He met a woman there that he fell madly in love with. She used his love to get information from him and money. He was with a guard unit that was to protect a noble, when an assassin attacked, killing his comrades. Albireo’s superior sword skills saved his life and ended the assassin’s life. A few days later he received a letter that requested him to meet someone. When he arrived the woman he loved murdered him. He awoke as a vampire and spent the next several months half-starved and unaware of what he was. A Japanese vampire found him, taught him what he was, and how to survive as a vampire. Albireo returned to England to find that the Black Death had killed millions and the deaths weighed heavily on his heart. He began to wander aimlessly until he reached Spain. Hearing rumors of a man attempting to sail beyond the edge of the globe, he gladly signed onto what he thought to be a suicide mission. When the ship ran aground, he was one of the few who elected to stay and begin a colony. Soon he was found out to be a vampire and chased out. He made a raft and sailed north to what is now Florida. He was wandering the forests when an earthquake buried him alive. He was forced to go into a deep slumber for a number of years. He was found by a Union Soldier when the American Civil War was at its peek of violence and death. He was forced to help on the Union side of the war and ended up greatly contribution to there success. After the war ended, he managed to find a home in New York, where he lived peacefully for a few years. He was approached by a vampire as representative of a vampire “government” that offered a position in their upper ranks. When he refused the position he was attacked, but he defended himself, killing all who opposed him. It was then that the leader of the group came to him. He introduced himself as “Count” LaCroix and asked that he do something for him in return for a cease of the attacks. Albireo reluctantly agreed and was introduced to a vampire who was to accompany him named Lois. He shows an immediate fondness for Albireo that is unreturned. Lois, who turns out to be an experienced pilot, flies them to Egypt where they enter an ancient ruined city buried deep underground. Avoiding traps and pitfalls they find there goal and narrowly escape the collapsing caverns. During the return flight, something went wrong and their plane crashed on a deserted island. When they were found, Albireo returned to New York and tried to life in peace. [[To be continued…]]
LikesRaman, the full moon, movies, good art, traveling, good quality cigars, and the people he holds dear to him.
DislikesCocky attitudes, discrimination, cheep cigars, and people who would hurt those dear to him.
OccupationNone at the moment.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

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