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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLanara
Weight96 bl
Summarycurrently evil....

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourher fur is usually deep black or light white, i really can't decide witch looks better. It is a medium length fur as an anthro, and long bushy hair as a wolf.
Hair Colourin anthro form she has a nice white/black tint and lighter marks on her ears, tail, and paws.
Eye Colourmain color is white, but distinctly changes color with moods or sercomstaces.
Clothingbasic clothing. i draw her in many different kinds of clothing, so its hard to choose a distinguishing article of clothing -_-
Weaponry.... this all depends >>
Special Abilitiesodd usage of crystal abilities, and dreams! X3 may pie be in your future nightmares...
Outstanding Featuresone feature is that gem with an unusual mark encrested inside it... It is a mark she was born with, nd doesn't know what it is or where it came from.(will show what it is... eventually XD)

Personality & Background

Personalityat best she is playful and nice, at worst she is dark and moody... >> not much to say really.
BackgroundLanara was born on one of the worst times in history, darkness and death rose up in rage, people were in panic. they were weak, injured, and they were suffering terrible losses. Men went to war. The darkness was infecting friends and family as well as enemies, causing them to become corrupted with evil. Warriors were forced to harm there own people, in some cases they rather die then kill their allies. The tragety went on for years, until there was hardly anything left. Lanara was alone it was already been 6 years since she had been born, her mother and father had died, and she was completely in solitude. The darkness that started the war had been imprisoned spiritually by an unknown source. Soon she noticed a odd mark on her head, and started to wonder why she hadn't died. She began to travel to find food and shelter. She started to smell cooking fish, of course, with her wolf capabilities she easily found where it was coming from, she went towards the sweet smell of lunch. Then she came by a nearby village with very few houses, but a lot of friendly people. She turned around as her nose led her gaze at a tiny log caben. She saw a stern old man cooking fish he had caught from the river right next to his cabben. It appeared he was caching more, perhaps there is more than one person involved. Lanara watched as he was successfully caching multiple fish. She creped out of the bushes in wolf form with her head, tail, and ears down. She stared at the mellow water as a small, but appitizing fish swims by. The man doesn't notice, as he is buisy catching fish. Lanara waits for the right moment, and leaps for a nearby fish. (ok im tired now ill finish this when... whenever)
Likesfriends, company, ... if i go on you will be here for days XD
Dislikesilliteracy, stupidity, lack of fun, ect.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHOLY SH*T! O_O