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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKrin Blacksnow
Summarya Half wolf/incubus, he has inherited very few demonic traits, only a pair of bat wings that are furred like the rest of his body, he has slightly above average streanth. he does have the lust of an incubus and is constantly producing pheromones. he used to love the attention but now finds it all more than a little tiresome. he is 382 years old and has no idea for how long he will live.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblack furred, apart from a white patch running from his chin down to his genitals
Hair Colourblack with white inner ears and under-chin
Eye Colourone yellow eye one blue eye
Clothingusualy leather motorbike armor pants and fishnet shirt
Weaponrya katana, and two chinease broardswords
Outstanding Featuresfurred bat wings. often seen carrying swords

Personality & Background

Personalityonce was a cold and sullen person, he now tends to talk to anyone and act in a very hyperactive manner. he loves to be in the limelight
Backgroundlong and bloody, but always with a smile to accompany the blood. he has been hired as an assasin a few times, body guard other times. he will fight to save friends or family even without the promise of money
Likesalmost everything
Dislikesalomost nothing
Occupationsword for hire

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotei'm baaaaaack!

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