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Wilde Wolfe, as drawn by Mishakun.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameWilde Wolfe
SpeciesSnow Leopard / Arctic Wolf Hybrid. Kittywolf.
AgeTwenty seven years old.
HeightFive foot eleven inches tall.
WeightOne hundred and sixty five pounds, slim but toned.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNavy blue fur covers this kittywolf's entire body, with the exception of his bright white leopard spots and bellyfur. The end of his tail is a lighter shade of blue, nearly white.
Hair ColourWhite and quite shaggy. He occasionally dyes it light blue to match his pale eyes and tailtip.
Eye ColourSky blue, with black pupils.
ClothingWhitey tighties, and nothing more, usually. When forced to be clothed he wears a white button up shirt and dark blue slacks or a pair of dark washed jeans.
AccessoriesHe likes to wear black fingerless gloves sometimes.
WeaponryNo need for weapons.
Outstanding FeaturesAn extremely long and fluffy tail is about the only thing out of the ordinary when it comes to Wilde. His tail is almost as long as he is tall!

Personality & Background

PersonalityWilde is extremely laid back and mellow, often to a degree that makes him seem somewhat disconnected and aloof. He genuinely enjoys meeting people and getting to know them, but has difficulty forming intense or emotional bonds with them. Preferring solitude to constant company, he tends to come across as afraid of commitment to those he dates.

Despite his mellow demeanor when it comes to friends, Wilde is actually very driven at his work. He is always pushing himself to work faster and more efficiently, and is extremely hard on himself when he doesn't meet his own deadlines. He tends to be a perfectionist, and can be very hard on himself and those he loves.
BackgroundNothing much to it. Wilde prefers to focus on the here and now, anyway. The past is not nearly as exciting as the potential the future holds!
LikesFelines, being submissive to an experienced dominant, finishing his work on time, other hybrids, discussing topics that actually matter, reading about history, philosophy, and religion. Intelligence, cleanliness, and good manners are Wilde's biggest turn-ons.
DislikesLazy people who expect others to do their work for them, smug or pretentious people, milk, those who judge things they have not tried, immature inexperienced people who mistake selfishness for dominance.
LocationA small apartment, modestly furnished and kept quite tidy.
OccupationHe is an editor, and works from his home office. Though he has always wished he had talent in the writing department, he often finds himself suffering from an extreme case of writer's block the moment he picks up a pencil or begins picking at his keyboard. This fact discourages him to no end, and he still attempts to write quite often, to no avail.
Additional InfoAs out of character as it may seem for this somewhat shy and always submissive kittywolf to be the owner of anyone, he does in fact own Androgyny. It happened almost by accident, as Andy mistook Wilde for a dominant at the club and put him on the spot, pulling him onto stage to be the other half of a live show.

Wilde decided to go with the flow and realized he rather liked being in control of the white feline gendershifter. Despite his status as a subbie, Wilde took Andy on as a full-time pet after the performance. Though he likes Androgyny and has fun with him, his feelings for the kitty are not nearly as strong as Andy's feelings for him.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The high destiny of the individual is to serve rather than rule." ~ Albert Einstein